French Intent

The Modern Foreign Language taught at Mottram CE Primary School is French. We aim to provide an enjoyable and interactive way of learning French, whilst developing the children’s confidence to share these new language skills. Through the listening, speaking, reading, and writing of key French vocabulary and phrases, pupils are taught to appreciate other languages and cultures. It prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world, as well as providing an opening to other cultures. We aim to increase our pupil’s understanding of diversity in our society and in the wider world.


French Implementation

Children are taught through a variety of techniques such as role play, games, songs etc. following the Kapow languages guidance and lesson plans, teachers will adapt planning and resources as necessary to reflect the children’s understanding and their varying needs.

Children progress through the year groups focusing on different topics and skills. They will begin to ask and answer topic related questions and eventually move onto simple conversational French. The teaching of MFL can be linked with and taught through many other subjects including counting in maths and looking at other French speaking countries in Geography. French is evidenced through work, displays, pictures in books and through pupil voice.


French Impact

By the time children leave our school they will:

  • Be equipped with basic language skills.
  • Be able to engage in simple dialogue in practical situations
  • Make increasingly accurate attempts to read unfamiliar words and phrases.
  • Speak and read aloud with increasing confidence and accuracy in pronunciation.
  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken language by listening and responding appropriately.
  • Use a bilingual dictionary to support their learning.
  • Be able to identify some word classes in a sentence and apply grammatical rules they have learnt.
  • Have developed an awareness of cognates and near-cognates and be able to use them to tackle unfamiliar words in French and English.


Pupil Voice

Why do we learn French?

“When you go to France you will know what they are saying and so you can achieve your goals in life like becoming a famous chef.”  Year 3

“It helps you to be polite and not embarrassed when French people talk to you. “Year 4

“It is helpful if you want to work in France when you are older.” Year 5

“If you are holidaying in France you can communicate with people and order food.” Year 6

What do enjoy about learning French?

“I enjoy because it is a bit of a struggle and a challenge.” Year 3

“I like it when Miss does her funny accent. “Year 3

“It’s fun and I like the challenge.” Year 4

“I like listening to Goggle Translate and the French words that sound different.” Year 5

“I love learning new things and spotting cognates! “Year 6

“You learn about other cultures, which helps you understand them.” Year 6



MFL Policy



MFL Progression



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