Personal, Social and Health Education is fully underpinned by our Christian values and the belief that all of God’s children are wonderfully and uniquely made, they are valued, known and loved by God in all of their intricacies. As such, our PSHE curriculum has been developed to both inspire our children’s knowledge and develop skills that will enable them to thrive personally and socially in an ever-changing and challenging world. Our curriculum prepares our children in developing an understanding of the importance of caring for and taking responsibility for themselves; their families and local and wider communities that they are a part of.

It prepares them to manage life’s challenges and critical opportunities that they will encounter as they grow up and promotes an understanding of British values of democracy: rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and acceptance of those of other faiths and beliefs so that they can feel prepared for life in modern day Britain.

Mottram’s PSHE curriculum is taught both discretely and developing cross-curricular links to support the children in making connections to wider learning opportunities and life experiences. Staff also weave learning from current affairs into the curriculum – maximising opportunities to discuss difficult and challenging situations along with opportunities to deal with and learn from day-to-day complexities that arise as a part of everyday school life.



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