At Mottram CE Primary we believe that one of our most important duties as teachers is to provide every child with the right tools to become a ‘reader’. We are passionate about fostering a lifelong love of reading within all our children. Reading opens a new world for children and provides them with opportunities to explore new ideas, visit new places, meet new characters and develop a better understanding of other cultures. High quality texts are incorporated throughout the curriculum so that children are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary, genres and famous authors to enhance the exciting topics that we teach!



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The schools main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree (including Floppy’s Phonics and
Songbirds), however this is supplemented with other schemes including: Jelly and Bean,
Rigby Star and Project X. Our books are colour banded to ensure appropriate challenge is
provided for all children suited to their individual phonic and reading ability. The reading
scheme across school is constantly evolving and as a result children are provided with
books that not only challenge but also interest them and encourage a love of reading.

Phonics is a critical part of a pupils reading journey particularly in the early stages of reading
development. We use Letters and Sounds, the Government guidance to teach the children
phonics. This begins in Reception and develops listening skills in the early stages. We use
pictures, songs, rhymes and actions (linked to RWI) to help the children remember the
sounds. They are taught how to blend and segment words to help them read and spell. We
plan fun and interactive lessons to engage young children and these sessions are timetabled
four times a week in Early Years and Key Stage One.


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