Wellbeing around Mottram 





Pupil Voice

‘The Worry Wizard helps us with our worries.’ (EYFS)

‘We had to be good communicators and when we were out, we smiled and said ok.’ (EYFS)

‘I love school and my friends and my teachers.’ (Year 1)

‘If I feel sad or need help, I can ask a buddy or my teachers or Mrs Scattergood.’ (Year 2)

‘We have the Worry Wizard to help us, we have talked about our dreams for when we grow up and our New Year’s Resolutions. We have learnt how to keep healthy and take care of our bodies. ‘ (Year 3)

‘The Health and Wellbeing Champions hand out certificates for people who have been kind. They deliver assemblies and they set up some health and wellbeing BINGO tasks for the teachers.’  (Year 4)

‘We use the outdoor environment to support our wellbeing. We have done some missions for Commando Joe! We had to complete a mission to find the padlocks to open the CJ Top Secret box. We didn’t give up and helped each other!’ (Year 5)

‘We are the Health and Wellbeing Champions. Our job is to help everyone in the school to be happy and to support their wellbeing. We give out stickers and awards for kindness. We set staff challenges. During Children’s Mental Health Week, we delivered Collective Worship and we shared top tips with parents and carers on our Twitter page.’ (Year 6)


Health & Wellbeing Champions 

Hi, we are the Health & Wellbeing Champions at Mottram CE Primary. At the start of the year, we met with Miss Kirkham and the Health and Wellbeing Governor to create an action plan for the year. So far, we have set up a ‘Help on the Shelf’ station in the library and we have read feelings and emotion stories to each class.

During a staff meeting, we set the teachers and teaching assistants challenges to complete for their wellbeing during the Autumn term. We presented certificates to the two winning members of staff. Well done Mrs Scattergood and Mrs Levy!

During Children’s Mental Health Week, we delivered an assembly on the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Every term, we hand out a certificate to an individual pupil who has been kind to others.

During the Spring term, we made a poster for parents, carers and our school governors. This was to help support their own wellbeing.



Health and Wellbeing Spring 2023


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The Worry Wizard 




AcSEED Award 


I am so proud to announce that we have been accredited with the AcSeed Award.  This award is acknowledgement that Mottram values how important it is to nurture the mental health of young people. This is a whole school approach and is recognition for our work that we undertake with issues regarding mental health and wellbeing across all ages.  We are only the third primary school in Greater Manchester to have achieved this status! At Mottram we recognise that young people flourish and reach their life potential when all barriers to school life are recognised and supported to enable them to function at their best both in school and at home. We recognise the importance of positive wellbeing for all our staff and students.  If you would like to find out more about the AcSeed Award you can at the following link http://www.acseed.org/

We  celebrated our achievement in an assembly on Wednesday 25th September.

AcSeed Award



Well done to all the staff and students.

Mrs Scattergood