At Mottram CE Primary School, we aim to build upon children’s natural excitement and curiosity about the world around them, through the teaching and learning of Science. We recognise the importance of Science in our modern lives and aim to provide our pupils with as many opportunities as possible to learn about these Science concepts: to build up a key foundation of knowledge, whilst maintaining a hands-on, practical approach to learning. Our pupils are provided with a wide range of opportunities throughout the school grounds, to explore and ask their own questions. The children are then taught the skills needed to lead their own investigations and develop the resilience required to find out the answers to these questions. We aim to promote a love of learning through experimentation, whilst creating memorable experiences which will prepare them for the world of Science in their later lives.



Science Policy 2020



Science knowledge progression

Science skills progression




Reachout Reporter: Fun and up-to-date Science videos

BBC Bitesize: resources, videos and games on topics that the children cover in school:

BP: Science Investigations for children:

Science Sparks: Exciting experiments to try at home:

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium: Lots of activities that can be completed at home: