Commando Joe’s is an engaging and fun program used to develop each individual’s resilience, empathy, self-awareness, positivity, excellence, communication and teamwork skills.

The pupils and staff complete different, exciting missions together. These missions provide the opportunity to develop life skills, a growth mindset and have a positive impact on their physical and mental well-being.


Pupil Voice

‘Can you tell me about a mission that was tricky?

‘Finding the numbers was hard because I kept getting the wrong one, but I put it back and just said OK. But then I found the 8!’ (EYFS)

‘Can you give me an example of teamwork?’

‘When we did the water mission because I needed my team. I couldn’t have done it on my own.’ (Year 1)

‘Can you give me an example of when you found a mission difficult?’

‘When we had to match the cones because our plan didn’t work so we had to think of a new plan.’ (Year 2)

‘How do you plan and achieve your missions?’

‘We talk about it and if it doesn’t work, we try to do it a different way.’ (Year 3)

‘How do you feel when you have completed a mission?’

‘Amazed sometimes because they are hard, so it feels good to actually be able to do it!’ (Year 4)

‘Can you give me an example of when you found a mission difficult?’

‘The ‘building a statue’ one because we had to keep trying lots of different ways. We had to keep huddling in our team to talk and think about what we needed.’ (Year 5)

‘What do you like most about completing missions?’

‘Hearing the different ideas and ways of doing things in our team.’

‘Getting to complete it in a team.’

‘When it takes a long time and we finally do it because we feel proud.’ (Year 6)


Missions in Action