Children and Families Mission

My name is Louise Britton and I am a Children & Families worker for Mottram and Hattersley parishes.

I am a married mum of four and all my children have attended Mottram C of E and loved it!

It’s a total privilege to get to spend time with all the children here each week, whether that’s in Collective Worship, running clubs or helping with activities in school.

When I’m not working, I love family time, coffee shops, sunshine and new pyjamas!


Chess Club


Pupil voice:


‘Every time I need help learning, like moving over the King, Louise helps me.’ (Year 4)


‘I really like doing chess, against other people and I feel happy when other people win.’ (Year 1)


‘Louise is really kind to people and she helps us learn new things.’ (year 2)


‘Louise inspires me.’ (Year 5)


‘Louise has taught us a new skill. It is a new hobby of mine now.’ (Year 5)


‘Louise helps us to understand our mistakes.’ (Year 5)



Collective Worship


Every fortnight, Louise delivers Collective Worship to the whole school.


Pupil voice:


‘Louise teaches us about God and sometimes about soldiers.’ (Year 4)


‘We pray together and we do a big amen which is really fun.’ (Year 4)


‘She makes learning about the Bible enjoyable and fun.’ (Year 5)


‘Louise teaches us new things about the Bible that we didn’t know.’ (Year 1)


‘Sometimes, she teaches us about people who are suffering and how we can help.’ (Year 5)


‘She explains what quotes from the Bible mean so they make sense to us.’ (Year 4)


‘She teachers us about the people in different countries and how they feel, and she teaches us some new songs.’ (Year 2)


‘She spreads awareness about important things such as charities.’ (Year 5)


Lego Prayer Workshops


Louise has been working with each class to deliver a Lego prayer workshop.


Pupil voice:


‘We built a cross out of Lego and there were ribbons and beads. It was hard, but really fun.’ (Year 2)