Government Announcement 4th Jan 2021

Good evening,

It is with great sadness that we have to close school once again and I cannot contain my frustration with the Prime Minister and his timing of the late announcement. We know that schools are where our children should be and that you rely on so you can go out and work.

Unfortunately because of the late announcement we are unable to offer places tomorrow for keyworker children as we are unsure if we have enough staff in school, who find themselves in the same position as you, not having had time to plan for alternative arrangements or book a keyworker place. Our hands are tied at this time of night. However, if you need us from Wednesday and you are classed as a keyworker please email stating where you work, which role you undertake and which days you need. We will contact other families who we believe should be in school and we will expect your children to attend from Wednesday. Please be patient with us, if this announcement had come this afternoon we could have been up and running tomorrow however as it stands we have to close to all tomorrow in order to prepare. Please can you share this email on WhatsApp groups just in case some parents/carers do not look at their emails.

We will send out further communications tomorrow regarding work which will come in the usual way via email or you can request a paper pack from the teacher. We are one of many schools having to close in the Longdendale Cluster tomorrow due to the lateness of the Prime Ministers announcement.

I can only apologise as it is not how we do things at Mottram. I have a heavy heart tonight being put in this position and making this last minute difficult decision as I know it will have repercussions for many of you.

Stay safe, take care, Mrs Scattergood.

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