Fundraising and social events are organised by our active and dedicated School Association.

All parents/carers are automatically part of the School Association. The committee is elected annually at the AGM in March

We organise events to raise extra money for the school e.g. fun day, discos, cake sales, bingo nights.

To provide additional resources and ‘treats’ to enrich the provision for the children e.g. computer chairs, staging, theatre days, books, playground equipment.

We meet at  at school

Half termly.

Together we discuss ideas for social and fundraising events for children, parents/carers and friends. The work is shared out and everyone’s help is appreciated.


The next meeting TBC

at Mottram Primary School

All Parents/ Carers are welcome to join us to discuss fundraising events for the following school year. We will provide childcare for children attending our school and any younger siblings.



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